Knock knock, who’s there? Alecia!

The Bookgirl from the University of Michigan… Henry P. Tappan, the first president of the University of Michigan (U-M) envisioned an institution where education meant the “unfolding of the capacities of the mind.” U-M extended that desire to me in 1996 when I was welcome as a future wolverine. I came to U-M as aContinue reading “Knock knock, who’s there? Alecia!”

First things first, introductions!

Pictured above: Secluded in the hills of eastern┬áKamakura, an hour south of Tokyo, this beautiful, small bamboo grove found behind the H┼Źkokuji Temple’s main hall consists of over 2000 dark green Moso bamboo (the biggest species of bamboo) stalks. It rained and poured for a good 2 hours and I literally had the grove toContinue reading “First things first, introductions!”